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The Jordanian Businessmen Association participates in a seminar about
  Mr. Tariq Hijazi, Director General of the Jordanian Businessmen Association and the Assistant Secretary-General of the Federation of Arab Businessmen, participated in a seminar about "Civil Society Organizations and Sustainable Development” which was held via the Zoom platform on Monday, June 28, 2021, organized by the Arab International Institute for Peace and Education, which is registered in Geneva as a part of the celebration of the centenary of the kingdom's founding.

During the meeting, Hijazi stressed that civil society institutions have a major and integrative role in accelerating the achievement of sustainable development goals, but the most important challenges they face are the lack of consolidation of the concept of partnership and the role of civil society in those plans. He indicated that cooperation and integration between all partners of the operation has become a necessity for development and not just a response to the plan. Development always needs three partners: the state, civil society and the private sector. This relationship should not be tainted by any kind of competition and dispute over gains, but rather it should be based on cooperation and integration. Commitment to the role of each partner is supposed to be performed without overstepping the other partner.

During his speech, Hijazi reviewed an introductory overview of the JBA and its important role in achieving the development goals that were formally approved by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 to implement them until 2030, to include 17 goals and 196 associated goals, where he referred to the establishment of the Association. In 1985, as the first umbrella group for Jordanian businessmen within 11 important economic sectors that represent the backbone of the national economy, JBA continued to work on developing its plans to implement the goals for which it was established until in 1995 it received the Jordanian Planet Medal of the first degree, for what it had done. Also JBA plays a key role in providing the appropriate climate for investment work, enabling the Jordanian private sector to play its role in the process of sustainable economic development in the Kingdom, serving its members in providing economic studies, and raising the opinions of its members about relevant legislation before it is approved to achieve the interests of the private sector, which serves the national economy.

Hijazi pointed out that in regard to JBA belief in joint Arab action and after holding a network of relations and joint Arab business councils, JBA was established the Federation of Arab Businessmen (FAB) in 1997 at Amman under the patronage of His Majesty King Hussein bin Talal, may God have mercy on him, and with the approval of the League of Arab States. FAB comes from Amman as its seat, and today it includes in its membership 22 associations, and business forums from 15 Arab countries, to represent the Arab business community.

Noting that since the adoption of the 2030 Sustainable Development Plan, the Jordanian Businessmen Association has worked to harness all its achievements to serve this plan by providing advice, and studies to ministries and government institutions.

Hijazi indicated that as one of the sustainable development goals that include economic sustainability, which aims to increase growth and job opportunities, support small projects and create jobs in the national economy, JBA has participated in cooperation with many funds and entrepreneurship to work on establishing small projects by qualifying and training them with members of the association. Preparing them to enter the labor market on the basis of knowledge of the nature of the projects or professions they desire.

Hijazi pointed out that in order to attract investments and open markets for members of the association in a way that would benefit the national economy with the desired benefits, JBA worked to establish nearly 30 joint business councils with the largest associations and businessmen associations in various countries of the world, and the regularity of convening these councils to inform the business community In those countries, the most important developments and legislation regulating investment, and most of the establishment of business councils took place within royal visits to many countries of the world.
Hijazi stressed the association's continuation to increase the participation of the private sector in achieving sustainable economic development within the directives and vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein, to promote and strengthen the national economy.