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The Jordanian Businessmen Association participates in the first virtual investment conference under the title of
Member of the Board of Directors of the Jordanian Businessmen Association, Engineer Yousry Tahboub, participated in the first virtual investment conference entitled "Stimulating Investment in the Bicentenary", which was organized by the Jordan Investment Commission during the period 12-13/7/2021 using visual communication technology.
During his participation as a keynote speaker in the third conference session under the title of "Jordan is a launching pad for regional and global markets", Tahboub pointed out that Jordan is one of the countries that have been highly interested in adopting economic openness policies, as an important tool in stimulating economic growth and attracting foreign investments.
Jordan has always kept pace with developments the global economy as well as the expansion of globalization, and since the start of Jordan’s implementation of the foreign investment law in 1973, has managed, over the past years, to provide an incubating investment environment, which has contributed to attracting many investments of great added value to the national economy.
Jordan recorded net foreign direct investment in 2020, amounting to approximately 496.7 million Jordanian dinars, as the balance of net foreign direct investment increased by 2.2% to reach 25.9 billion Jordanian dinars.
He pointed to Jordan's tendency, since its accession to membership in the World Trade Organization(WTO) in 2000, towards signing a number of free trade agreements, bilateral and multilateral, with various economic blocs, which positively contributed to attracting more investments to Jordan as a safe destination for investment, with the presence of real investment opportunities that contribute to the access of Jordanian goods and services to many markets, by taking advantage which provided by the trade agreements that Jordan have at international and region level.
Tahboub stressed that the Jordanian investment environment allows investors to use their investments as a base for trade and investment, by benefiting from nearly seventeen Arab agreements to which Jordan is bound, under the Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement, which gives it trade preferences, in addition to seven free trade agreements, part of which are with large economic blocs. such as the European Union, and major industrial countries such as America, Canada and Singapore, in addition to the presence of 27 double taxation agreements and 55 bilateral investment treaties, and there is no doubt that these agreements give Jordan access to regional and international markets, which is one of the most important advantages that attract investment.
During the opening of the conference, Feridoun Hartouqa, acting head of the Jordan Investment Commission, said that the conference, which includes an elite group of officials, experts and businessmen of Arab and foreign nationalities, who represent many diverse investment sectors, is the first virtual conference to be held in Jordan, and will open the way to new horizons from economic and investment cooperation.
The conference included several sessions that dealt with topics such as the future of investment and post-Coronavirus aspirations, promoting investment opportunities and partnership between the public and private sectors, initiatives and measures taken by the government and the private sector to promote the digital transformation of the economy, spreading the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation among young people and supporting their creative and emerging projects, money for growth and access to finance.
The conference dealt with two main axes, the first focused on the Kingdom’s plans to enter its second centenary with an investment road map at all levels that contribute to enhancing the investment environment in it, and the second focused on how to overcome the effects of the Corona pandemic and the social and economic crisis associated with it, in addition to ensuring the achievement of sustainable development goals by presenting opportunities Investing in various economic sectors, including public-private partnership opportunities.
The participants discussed the future directions and expectations of the investment environment in the Kingdom and the world, promoting investment opportunities and partnership between the public and private sectors, focusing on investment stimulus measures provided through the services of the Jordan Investment Commission and government measures to stimulate the investment environment.