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Al Tabba’a stresses the role of public security in enhancing the investment environment
The Director of Public Security, Major General Ahmad Sarhan al-Faqih, met Tuesday 3/10/2017 with the Director General of the Jordanian Businessmen Association H.E Hamdi Al-Tabba’a, accompanied by members of the Board of Directors and Director General of the Association. During the meeting, Al-Faqih expressed his pride in working within the General Security Service, which is constantly working to achieve the visions and directions of His Majesty King Abdullah II, stressing the importance of the success of the investment process and its direct link with the Kingdom's success.
Al-Faqih stressed during the meeting the role of the Public Security directorate in protecting investments in the Kingdom and providing the necessary protection for the investment firms for their importance in supporting the national economy. He mentioned the existence of a direct line between the investors and the General Security directorate which will not tolerate with any threat obstruct the investment process in the Kingdom.
Al-Faqih said that the Public Security directorate is keen to facilitate the procedures of investors entering the kingdom and speed up procedures in the various departments of the Directorate of Public Security through continuous work to facilitate the movement of businessmen to and from the Kingdom, and coordination with the Ministry of Interior to ease and accelerate administrative procedures and improve the service of airports and border crossings, To treat businessmen and investors alike with diplomats.
He praised the tangible role played by the Jordanian Businessmen Association, which was established over 30 years ago and its real success. He stressed that he is observing the activities of the Association continuously and closely, as a direct and direct sponsor of foreign investments to Jordan.
For his part, President of the Jordanian Businessmen Association Hamdi Al-Tabba’a praised the role of the Public Security Authority in encouraging and promoting domestic and foreign investment in Jordan, and the developmental and economic role through developing the work of the Investment Promotion Unit, which is keen to create a secure and stable environment to facilitate the work of all investors and protect them from any illegal acts, Which seeks to implement the Hashemite vision in achieving and enhancing the security of the homeland and the citizen, which the King attaches to the utmost importance.
Al Tabba’a also pointed to the role of the public security directorate in providing transparency to the laws, the rule of law, facilitating the process of litigation, administrative efficiency, and the absence of administrative corruption and freedom of competition. Where these factors constitute a major part of the economic environment. The factors of security, stability and the rule of law are the cornerstone for National development.
He reviewed the role of the Jordanian Businessmen Association in stimulating the Jordanian private sector, expanding trade and economic cooperation with Arab and foreign countries, and its role in highlighting Jordan's position on the global investment map through promoting investment in Jordan at the Arab and international levels.