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Jordanian-Tunisian economic forum next month
Hamdi Al-Tabbaa, chairman of the Jordanian Businessmen Association, stressed the need to benefit from the Tunisian experience in the management of artisans, describing them as a cornerstone of the industry, praising at the same time the success of this experiment in tunisia and its excellence in the presence of a specialized ministry concerned in this regard. During the meeting with Tunisian Ambassador to the Royal Court Mr. Khaled Al-Suhaili at the headquarters of the association with the presence of H.E Taabet Al-Tahir and Tariq Hijazi, Director General of the Association, he said that the association is constantly working to strengthen relations with their business counterparts in the world. He reviewed the projects and investment advantages in the Kingdom in many vital sectors. He pointed out that the association continues to consolidate bilateral relations, develop business and open up to commercial and investment laws and regulations. He pointed out in the same context to the Jordanian-Tunisian Business Council, which was signed by the Association with the Confederation of Tunisian National Institutions in February last year, noting the existence of several specialized and diverse committees in the association covering all major economic sectors.
Al tabba’a called on the Tunisian ambassador to hold workshops regarding the artisans through an economic forum that brings together traders and investors involved in this field, which will be held on the sidelines of the meetings of the Jordanian-Tunisian Higher Committee to be held in Tunisia in November this year.
For his part, Tunisian Ambassador Khalid Al-Suhaili stressed the necessity of benefiting from the good relations between the two brotherly countries, calling for the development of economic and trade relations, especially between businessmen and investors in both countries. He pointed out that Tunisia had the lead among neighboring countries in access to handicrafts and its ability to promote national identity in Tunisia. Al-Suhaili stressed that Tunisia is the transit platform for Jordanian goods and commodities to African and European markets, pointing out the importance of the Kingdom's strategic position and its ability to reach Tunisian and African goods to neighboring markets, In the presence of a number of bilateral and regional agreements, mainly the Free Trade Agreement, the Agadir Agreement and the Greater Arab Free Trade Area Agreement.
The Tunisian Ambassador invited the Jordanian Businessmen Association to participate in the 6th session of the Tunisia Investment Forum 2017 which will be held in Tunisia from 9-10 November with the participation of 1200 visitors from 30 countries, including investors and decision-makers in the economic field and representatives From international organizations.
Mentioning that trade exchange between the two countries stands at modest levels of $ 29 million in 2016, Jordan's exports amounted to $ 17.5 million, concentrated in medicines, fertilizers and organic compounds.