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The Moroccan ambassador praises the success of 16th Arab Business community forum
H.E Hamdi Al-Tabba’a, Chairman of the Jordanian Businessmen Association, affirmed the role of the association in strengthening economic and investment relations with their business counterparts in the Arab countries and the world. Al-Taba’a called during the meeting of Moroccan ambassador in Amman Mr. Mohammed Setri for activating the Jordanian-Moroccan Business Council and achieving a new start towards a stronger economic relationship through the exploitation of opportunities and the establishment of joint projects between the two countries and the historical relations between the two countries.
For his part, the Ambassador of Morocco, Mr. Mohamed Setri, praised the success of the 16th Arab Business Community Forum which was held at the Dead Sea during the period 7-8th of April, organized jointly by the Federation of Arab businessmen and the Jordanian Businessmen Association. Stressing the high directions before his arrival to Jordan to raise the level of relations between the two countries, especially economic and investment relations and to increase the volume of trade exchange between the two countries, it is noteworthy that the volume of trade exchange amounted to 36 million dollars for the year 2016.
The two sides stressed the need to pay attention to the development of the air transport between the two countries to achieve greater rapprochement between the two countries and the two people, and facilitate the movement of businessmen and raise the levels of trade exchange, in addition to activate tourism movement between the two countries, which leads to develop cultural relations and the convergence of the two people.
Al Tabba’a stressed that Jordan is ready to facilitate the trade exchange through the Gulf of Aqaba for maritime voyages from Morocco to the Gulf countries, especially destined for the ports of Jeddah, where the movement of maritime transport from the ports of Morocco to the Gulf countries is witnessing remarkable activity. The Moroccan ambassador affirmed that he will move forward toward this trend through the international port of Tangier, which is one of the largest ports in North Africa, which celebrated the export of number one million car to Europe. Stressing the existence of tourist attractions in Jordan and the region, noting the efforts to intensify the visits of Moroccan citizens to the Kingdom after the activation of regular air lines between the two countries. Noting that the number of Jordanian community in Morocco amounted to about 4000 Jordanian citizens. He also said that the number of the Moroccan community in Jordan, including students in Jordanian universities, reached 3,000, in light of the absence of a quota for Moroccan students in Jordan.
The meeting was attended by H.E Thabit Al Taher, Mr. Yousri Tahboub and Mr. Tariq Hijazi, Director General of the Association.