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Investment Minister, JBA discuss joint cooperation
The Minister of Investment, Kholoud Saqqaf, met with the President of the Jordanian Businessmen Association (JBA), Hamdi Tabbaa, on Tuesday to discuss ways to enhance joint cooperation and the most pressing issues facing the Jordanian business community.

Saqqaf stated during the meeting that Jordan's overall investment strategy aims to support the economy by creating job opportunities, boosting economic growth, and enhancing business competitiveness and the environment.

Endorsing the 2022 investment environment law is a step toward strengthening Jordan's position as a desirable investment hub that gives local, regional, and international investors the necessary resources for success, she continued.

The minister noted that the ministry will streamline all processes related to any investment projects and that the private sector is a crucial partner of the government and an important contributor to economic development.

Tabbaa emphasized that the JBA is committed to collaborating with the ministry to draw in foreign investment and inform businesspeople about Jordan's investment services and advantages.

"Jordan has everything it needs to become a regional and international logistical hub, given its enticing investment environment," he said, emphasizing the importance of enabling existing projects to expand and flourish, and introducing potential investors to the most lucrative investment opportunities, primarily in the field of sustainable development.