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The General Assembly of the Jordanian Businessmen Association holds its annual meeting
Hamdi Al-Tabbaa held the annual meeting of the Ordinary General Assembly of the Jordanian Businessmen Association held on Saturday, 27/4/2019. The agenda of the meeting began by reviewing the report of the Board of Directors on the work of the Association during the year 2018 and its future plan for the year 2019. Al-Tabaa stressed that the year 2018 included many different activities of the Association at the local and foreign levels through the meeting of a large number of Ambassadors of many countries with the aim of strengthening trade relations and discussing the most important investment opportunities available. The Association also signed a number of memorandums of understanding and cooperation with the Arab-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a memorandum of understanding with the International Indian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture. The Association also organized the Jordanian-Turkish Business Council held in Istanbul in addition to organizing the Jordanian-Egyptian Business Council held in Amman.
Al-Tabaa pointed out that the Association has endeavored to exert efforts in enhancing cooperation between the public and private sectors through the participation of the Association in several meetings, most notably the meeting between the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister, the meetings of the Finance and Economic Committee of the Senate and House of Representatives, The Association submitted its observations, proposals and recommendations on a number of draft laws to the decision-makers through a meeting between the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply.
The General Assembly also approved amendments to the statute of the Assembly, including the formation of a Board of Trustees of the Assembly. The General Assembly also ratified the appointment of Engineer Abdul Rahim Bekaie as a member of the Board of Directors. The auditor also read the financial report. The General Assembly approved the annual report of the Assembly for the year 2018 and the final accounts for the fiscal year 2018 and approved it and approved the work plan and budget for the current year 2019.
For his part, Thabit Al-Taher thanked the General Assembly for their continued trust in the Board of Directors of the Association for the duration of its membership, stressing that it will remain in the service and support of the JBA through its membership in the General Assembly. The General Assembly commended the efforts of the Board of Directors in supporting its members and the national economy.
The meeting was also attended by the members of the Board of Directors Mr. Musa Shehadeh, Eng. Abdul Halim Abdeen, Mr. Mohammed Al Bilbisi, Mr. Essam Badir, Engineer Awni Al Saket, Mr. Hussam Al-Din Al-Hudhad, Mr. Yusri Tahboub and Eng. Abdul Rahim Bekaie