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JBA hosts 8th conference for Jordanian investors abroad
The Jordanian Businessmen Association (JBA), in partnership with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, and Investment, is set to hold the 8th conference for Jordanian businessmen and investors abroad.

A diverse group of Jordanian investors residing in Bahrain, the UAE, Ukraine, Qatar, China, Turkey, Germany, Kuwait, Oman, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Lebanon, Italy, and Iraq will actively participate in the two-day event, scheduled to take place on august 19, in Amman.

In a press conference on Tuesday, JBA President Hamdi Tabaa highlighted the conference's focal points, which include assessing the current state of the Jordanian investment landscape, exploring opportunities and potentials from an economic renewal perspective, and discussing the role of Jordan's financial and banking sector in the nation's economy. Additionally, the event will address the challenges and prospects of investing in the Amman Stock Exchange.

Tabaa emphasized the importance of sustainable development in Jordanian provinces and the significance of the fifth-generation technologies and communication sector in attracting foreign investments. He also highlighted the crucial role of entrepreneurship in encouraging Jordanians abroad to invest in their homeland.

Recognizing the essential role of Jordanian expatriates in supporting the national economy through remittances, Tabaa underscored the need for providing comprehensive facilitation and support for their business endeavors.

He indicated that the conference aims to foster continuous communication between Jordanian businessmen within the country and those residing abroad, and seeks to keep them informed about economic developments and achievements, particularly the progress made in economic reforms and attracting foreign investments to Jordan.

He further highlighted the significant role that Jordanian expatriates play as a bridge between the Kingdom and various countries, as they actively promote investment opportunities and projects in vital sectors, contributing to job creation and economic growth.

Tabaa stressed the current need to promote Jordan as a regional investment hub and bolster its position as a gateway to major global markets, benefiting from the nation's secure and stable environment.

Furthermore, he pointed out the association’s aim to advance the business environment, highlight investment opportunities, and strengthen Jordan's external relations, thereby boosting investors' confidence in the country's secure investment destination.

"Unemployment stands as the greatest challenge for Jordan at present, and the conference endeavors to attract value-added investments that will generate employment opportunities in sectors with comparative advantages," he added.

In an effort to facilitate investment and encourage reinvestment of capital, Tabaa proposed the allocation of land for Jordanian expatriates to establish a dedicated village housing various industrial and service projects.

The conference will encompass various sectors, including finance, banking, telecommunications, information technology, tourism, healthcare, energy, and renewable energy, with the objectives of fostering collaboration between Jordanian entrepreneurs and expatriates, promoting an investment-friendly environment in Jordan, and introducing prominent investment projects and opportunities in sectors of global interest.