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Investor conference for Jordanians abroad to start Saturday in Amman

The Jordanian Businessmen Association, in partnership with the Foreign Ministry and Investment Ministry, is organising Saturday in Amman the "Eighth Conference of Jordanian Businessmen and Investors Abroad."

Jordanian investors in Bahrain, UAE, Ukraine, Qatar, China, Turkey, Germany, Kuwait, Oman, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Lebanon, Italy and Iraq are joining the conference.

The president of the association, Hamdi Tabbaa, stated that the two-day conference would address topics related to the reality of the Jordanian investment environment, "opportunities and possibilities" from the perspective of the vision of economic modernisation, the role of the Jordanian financial and banking sector in the Jordanian economy and investment in the Amman Stock Exchange, "opportunities and challenges."
Tabbaa added that the conference wiuld address issues on sustainable development in the Jordanian governorates, the fifth generation, investment prospects in the communications and information technology sector, entrepreneurship and its role in the localisation of Jordanian investments abroad.