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Opening of the Jordanian businessmen and investors abroad conference
Deputizing for His Majesty King Abdullah II, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of State for Public Sector Modernization Nasser Shraideh opened today, Saturday, in Amman, the eighth conference of Jordanian businessmen and investors abroad, which is organized by the Jordanian Businessmen Association, in partnership with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs and Investment. .

Al-Shraida conveyed the greetings of His Majesty King Abdullah II to the participants in the conference, which he described as an essential building block in achieving the goals of the economic modernization vision, which represents one of the paths of reform and modernization in the Kingdom as it enters its second centenary.

He stressed that the conference also represents one of the forms of real partnership between the public and private sectors, which His Majesty the King wanted to be the work approach of governments now and in the coming years.
Al-Shraida pointed out that the government has worked to open new horizons for investment, in a way that enables the Kingdom to attract new investments or expand existing ones, to move the wheel of economic development in the country, noting that the Ministry of Investment has today become the first reference for the investment system in the Kingdom.
He said, "Stimulating economic growth, increasing growth rates, achieving more job and employment opportunities for Jordanians, accessing new markets, transferring knowledge to the national economy, and increasing added value, is only through investment, which is the solution to achieving these levers."

He also pointed to the government's efforts in recent years to empower the private sector, set the legislative framework for that, and review several important laws, explaining that this aims to give the private sector the helm of leading economic affairs in the next stage.

For his part, the head of the association, Hamdi Al-Tabbaa, said that Jordanian expatriates abroad constitute an important pillar in promoting the growth of the national economy, and the conference is a new opportunity to build new communication links that lead the Kingdom actively towards a better future, so the slogan of the eighth conference was “Investing for the future in the centenary Modernization” as wanted by His Majesty King Abdullah II.

He added that the association made unremitting efforts to launch a series of conferences for Jordanian businessmen and investors abroad, despite all the circumstances that Jordan was able to overcome, stressing the need to search strategically for mechanisms to settle expatriate investments abroad and encourage them to invest in their homeland.
He pointed out that the conference presents opportunities to learn about what has been developed in Jordan in terms of legislation, initiatives and decisions to explore investment opportunities in the Kingdom and the competitive advantages that God endowed the country with.

And he indicated that the resettlement of investments is an important and essential goal for any economy, and there are many countries that have sought to achieve advancement in their economy by encouraging expatriate businessmen abroad to re-employ their money in economic development, production, service and investment projects within the borders of the country.
According to Al-Tabbaa, the number of Jordanian expatriates abroad is two million for the year 2022, distributed to 70 countries, 75 percent of them are in the Arab Gulf countries, while their remittances during the past year reached $3.450 billion, constituting 1.5 percent of the gross domestic product.

He pointed out that the role of Jordanian expatriates and their relationship with the homeland has gone beyond the idea of attracting foreign remittances, but their economic contribution played a major role in a number of indicators and incentives for economic growth and raising the volume of foreign investments.

He stressed the need to benefit from the success stories achieved by Jordanian expatriates abroad, and transfer them to Jordan, pointing to the great development that affected many legislations and regulations that would simplify the procedures of the investment process in all its stages and the supporting legislation, within a clear economic vision that His Majesty the King ensured its implementation through successive governments. .

Jordanian investors residing in Bahrain, UAE, Ukraine, Qatar, China, Turkey, Germany, Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Lebanon, Italy and Iraq are participating in the two-day conference, under the slogan “Investing for the Future in the Centennial of Modernization”.

The conference will address topics related to the reality of the Jordanian investment environment “opportunities and possibilities” from the perspective of the vision of economic modernization, the role of the Jordanian financial and banking sector in the Jordanian economy, and investment in the Amman Stock Exchange “opportunities and challenges.”
It will also address sustainable development in the Jordanian governorates, the fifth generation and investment prospects in the communications and information technology sector, entrepreneurship and its role in the localization of Jordanian investments abroad.

The conference aims to maintain communication between Jordanian businessmen inside and outside the country, inform them of economic developments and achievements in the field of economic reform, and attract more foreign investment to Jordan.
The conference targets many sectors, including finance, banking, communications, information technology, tourism, industry, health care, energy and renewable energy.