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Al-Tabbaa calls for the establishment of an Arab center for medical and epidemiological research
Head of the Federation of Arab Businessmen, Hamdi Al-Tabbaa, called for the establishment of an Arab center for medical and epidemiological research, with funding from Arab private sector institutions.
Al-Tabbaa suggested, during his participation in the 49th session of the Higher Coordination Committee for Joint Arab Action, that an Arab economic conference be held to enhance cooperation and solidarity and unify efforts to address the economic repercussions of the Corona virus.
According to a press statement today, for the Union, which takes the capital, Amman as its headquarters, Al-Tabbaa stressed during the meeting held "remotely" and chaired by the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, and the importance of Arab governments to develop national strategies, economic rescue programs and comprehensive incentive packages for the private sector.
He pointed out that the federation prepared a research paper that included discussing the possible economic effects of the pandemic on the Arab world and Arab economies and societies and came under the title "The economic situation in the Arab countries after the emerging Corona virus epidemic."

He pointed out that the Union, as one of the joint Arab action institutions, is greatly keen on making unremitting efforts to enhance Arab economic integration and Arab unity in order to revitalize the economies of the Arab countries and enhance the global and Arab partnership together.

Al-Tabbaa stressed the necessity of adopting the focus on rebuilding Arab countries, supporting and stimulating Arab economies, and alleviating the damages they suffered during the fight against the epidemic and beyond.